A formulator and manufacturer of UV/EB coatings, adhesives, primers,
and specialty products for graphic arts and industrial applications.

You can build on us.

Circuit boards, filters, furniture, steel pipes, and more! You can find examples of MinusNine’s UV/EB industrial products in nearly any setting. We can formulate for almost any flexible or rigid structure, including aluminum, glass, plastic, steel, and wood. What properties are you looking for - improved weatherability, abrasion resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance, or something else? Whatever your need, we have the formulating experience and raw material knowledge to deliver the properties you require.

All of MinusNine’s industrial products were once lab challenges. These challenges became successful commercial products by listening to our customers’ needs in terms of properties and price points, formulating to the customers’ specifications, onsite product development, and formulation refinement. If you have an industrial UV/EB opportunity, we are up to the task.

Challenge us with your industrial opportunity!